Event Support Services

Cars cleaned by Autovalet at a Chrysler event

Autovalet Edinburgh Limited has over 11 years experience in the supply of valeting and event support services to various car manufacturers.

In 2004 we were involved in new model press launches for Mazda, Kia and Chrysler Jeep in the UK and Honda Motors Europe in Spain along with various regional press launches and track days.

Our goal when we work on a vehicle launch event is simple: we want to work as part of your team. We want to ensure your new vehicle is well presented and displayed, and we want to work on your next vehicle launch.

We can provide you with services ranging from one valeting unit with a single crew member, to a full team of 3 event valeting units and up to 10 event support crew. Our experienced crew have previously worked at events throughout the UK and at various locations in Europe.

We have grown our event support business through providing manufacturers press departments with enthusiastic, presentable and professional staff who are all willing to work as part of a team and have the mindset of making a success of each event.

If you require a professional event valeting and support team for your next launch, please contact us. We are always able to put a competitive package together regardless of location, timescales or vehicle numbers.